Product details: Swan (Framed in Mounted White Frame)

Painted in acrylics on canvas board. Size: 34cm x 39cm. Price: £70 includes framed original painting and postage and packing (within the UK).

The Story behind my Swan painting:

Have you heard the story The Ugly Duckling? I have! When I was little I remember watching the video. It resonated with me so much – I felt like an ugly duckling and that I never fitted in. I was told that I was ugly and stupid and that I didn’t belong. Therefore, I believed these lies and developed mental health disorders as a result.

A few years ago, my pastor re-framed this mindset into ‘You’re not an ugly duckling, you’re a beautiful cygnet and you are transitioning into a beautiful swan’. I believed him. It actually sparked my love for cygnets and swans. In fact, it also sparked my recovery!

This painting, of a swan, was painted using one of my own reference photograph. Here is the reference photograph I used (Credit: Hannah Kirk Photographer):

For the month of August I’m donating 25% of sales to The Vine Centre in Aldershot – a very worthy charity which is close to my heart. If you’d like to purchase this piece of beautiful and original artwork, please click the PayPal link above or contact me for other payment arrangements.