Animals and Birds

I experience my most spiritual moments when in nature – particularly when bird watching. I love most animals (I’m not a fan of things such as spiders and snakes!). Dogs are among my favourite animals but I have a long list of animals and birds that I love.

It will not come as any surprise that my love for animals and birds, and connection to nature, features in my artwork. I feel a spiritual connection to the world around me, and as an expression of my faith, I like to paint the things around me that I have an emotional and spiritual connection too.

My style includes a smoothly applied background and then I paint the animals in a part illustrative/ part realistic style. This is a style that has taken me a few years to develop and has become my ‘artistic voice’. This style is also used in my other collections of work. I mostly use acrylics on stretched canvas – ready to hang.

To find out the story behind a painting please click on the image, to go to the product page. If you have any questions, please ask.

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Showing all 7 results