Other Artists and Charities

Even though I work by my self, I like to share details of other artists that inspire me. Building up a business is difficult enough, so I like to help where I can, and encourage others to do what they love.

These other artists have a variety of backgrounds and styles. I’m happy to promote them, because I know that each artist has their own style and practice. Each artist is unique.

These artists do not pay me to be added to this site, and I make no money from any sales they make – I’ve offered to add them. It’s a gift to them and an encouragement that I believe in their passion and art. If you like what you see, feel free to contact them directly. Please note: copyright belongs to each individual artist.

Here is a list of the other artists and charities that I promote on my site (in alphabetical order):

ARTHOUSE Unlimited

Kat Gibson

The Vine Centre

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