Kat Gibson

Meaningful Art is run by Kat Gibson, a Gloucester-based artist. She is passionate about supporting people to think about what is most meaningful in their lives, and to share and express those things through various forms of art and creativity. See some of the different elements of Meaningful-Art below:

Painting Workshops

Jewelry Workshops

DeeperCards Designers

Painting Socials

Here are a selection of Kat Gibson’s wonderful art (copyright belongs to Kat Gibson):

If you’d like to purchase any of her paintings or book onto any of her courses, or like to chat to her more about her art, please click here to contact her. She’d love to hear from you.

I met Kat in person last year, although we first me in a Facebook group. Kat posted an advert for designers who might like to put their designs on greetings cards – through DeeperCards. When I applied, she took me under her wing and has been an invaluable support and mentor to me over the past year or two.

Here is my collection of Greetings Cards, that I designed through DeeperCards.

I wouldn’t be the artist I am today, or run my own business, if it wasn’t for Kat and her mentoring of me. I also attend her School Of Acrylic Painting (SOAP) course.

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