Artist Timeline

I’m going to spend a little time taking you through my artist timeline – spanning home, school and through to adulthood. It’s important to me that you get to know me, because trust is important when considering to invest in art.

  • Age 2-5: I asked to paint and was allowed but parents got frustrated by how long I spent painting compared to how long it took to set up/put away.
  • Primary School: I enjoyed doodling, drawing, and I loved art lessons at school.
  • Secondary School (Years 7, 8, and 9): I continued to love art but I experienced some negative situations with 2 art teachers, leading to me giving up art at the end of year 9.
  • Age 14-20: no art accept when in my bedroom – I kept my art hidden from others.
  • Age 20-22: Painted for first time in acrylics and watercolours, and started sketching again. Stopped due to personal circumstances and negative comments.
  • Age 30: Taught myself to draw and paint and used it as a form of art therapy.
  • Age 31: Asked to sell paintings to friends and family.
  • Age 32: Had first art sale.
  • Age 33: Joined a local art group and became a DeeperCards Designer.
  • Age 34: Had an art exhibition with the local art group I am a member of; started (and completed) Level 1 School of Acrylic Painting course through Meaningful Art; joined an online supportive platform for artists; did a short course on Pastel Pet Portraits led by The Magic Peacock.

I hope that you have appreciated me showing you my artist story spanning home, school and through to adulthood. For more information about me, please click here to read my artist bio:

If you have any questions about my art, or why I make art, please leave me a comment below.


Take care, Hannah

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