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Hannah Kirk is a faith-based artist. She expresses her faith in the form of art and uses her artwork to bless others.

She also uses her art as a form of therapy for her recovery from Mental Health Disorders.

Hannah’s previous collections have included birds, animals, landscapes, and mental health awareness abstracts.

Hannah was born in Epsom, Surrey, and was the first baby born in that hospital for the year 1985 (and was in the local newspaper!). She lived in Chessington, Surrey, until age 9 when she moved to Sandhurst in Berkshire. Still in the same town, she now lives with her husband and two daughters.

Hannah loved painting from a young age, but was diverted from pursuing a path as an artist by negative comments about her art; she gave up with art at the end of year 9. In 2015 she finally returned to her passion – Art – and has never been happier.

Hannah is a self taught artist and paints in both acrylics and watercolours. She got back into art, along with photography, when she turned 30. Her art and photography started as a form as therapy for her, but she soon discovered that she was becoming recognised for her art and people started to ask to purchase her paintings. Hannah now works part-time in marketing, while pursuing her dream of becoming a full-time artist.

Hannah’s artist timeline is available here: hannahkirkartist.com/artist-cv/

Or, if you’d like to know why she makes art, click here: hannahkirkartist.com/why-do-i-make-art/

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