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July 2019


A lot has happened in the last month! It’s been so busy. I’ve been learning so much, and enjoyed spending some more time creating art. The pieces of art that I’ve produced have been taking me longer to paint than usual, as they’ve been bigger. So, that has meant that my 365 challenge for July looks very empty.

In other news, I’ve opened a Redbubble shop. It occurred to me that most of my followers come from other countries. I thought that if I offered a ‘print on demand’ service, then more people would be able to purchase my artwork – and have it delivered to wherever they live. I, therefore, now have an online shop selling lots of different products with my artwork (and photographs) on. Please do check it out and see whether there’s anything that you’d like to buy. They all make lovely gifts.

The items I sell include: drinks coasters, clocks, phone case/skins, zipper pouches, canvas prints, photo prints, posters, greetings cards, coffee mugs, water bottles, notebooks, throw pillows, and lots more….

Here are some photos of some of my designs:

Thank you for supporting me.


Hannah Kirk

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