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Calm Coaat

I have decided to write blogs about my paintings. It seems a strange thing to do – mix my writing skills with my art.

I hope you enjoy reading about them. To see more of my art, click the tabs at the top of my website.

The first painting I want to show you is called Calm Coast. It’s painted in acrylics on stretched canvas. Size: 40cm x 30cm.

I holiday in Mallorca twice each year. It’s a favourite place of mine. When I started at School Of Acrylic Painting, in January this year, I was taught how to paint in this style. We didn’t use reference photos – we painted from our imagination. However, it’s reminiscent of Mallorca’s coastline.

I enjoyed the process. It was calming to paint from left to right in a smooth way. This technique is helpful as therapy for my mental health disorders because of the left to right motion (used by EMDR professionals). I also like the calming nature of the seascape – hence its name ‘calm coast’.

For the month of July I’m donating 25% of sales to The Vine Centre in Aldershot – a very worthy charity which is close to my heart. If you’d like to purchase this piece of beautiful and original artwork (£80 incliding p&p within the UK) please click this link: or contact me for other payment arrangements.

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