Hannah Kirk has a passion for Christian art. She uses her artwork to bless others, while also using artwork as a form of therapy for her recovery from Mental Health Disorders. She also uses it as an expression of her faith.

To find out more about her please click here: https://hannahkirkartist.com/about/

I hope you enjoy taking a look around; I’ll be happy to answer any questions – feel free to contact me through my contact page or by leaving a comment on any of the pages.

I have three collections of work: Creation, Mental Health Recovery within Christianity, and Prophetic Art. I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy getting to know me as an artist. Art has been a way for me to discover my voice and what I’m passionate about. My hope is that you will benefit from one or more of my collections of art. I’m sure that my collections will evolve as I grow and learn… I’m so glad that you are here – accompanying me on my journey of discovery as a Christian artist.

As an artist, I have been printing my artwork on Greetings Cards and am a DeeperCards Designer.

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